ZnS Disks

  • ZnS 13x2mm Disk971-3016
  • ZnS 20x2mm Disk971-3316
  • ZnS 25x2mm Disk971-3516
  • ZnS 32x3mm Disk971-3716
  • ZnS 32x3mm Drilled Disk971-3717
  • ZnS 38x3mm Disk971-3816
  • ZnS 41x3mm Disk971-3916
  • ZnS 49x3mm Disk971-4016
  • ZnS 50x3mm Disk971-4116
  • ZnS 32x2mm Disk971-4716
  • ZnS 32x2mm Drilled Disk971-4717


Zinc sulfide (ZnS) is a relatively hard material and is resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. It is insoluble in water but can be attacked by strong acids and bases. ZnS is classed as a GRAS material. Its spectral range is more limited than ZnSe in the long wavelength region.

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