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Infrared Analysis Software for all Spectral Data
• Open and process all spectral data formats
• Fast and easy menu tools to maximize your productivity
• Powerful processing tools to get more information from your spectral data
• Display and process spectra from US/VIS, NIR, FT-IR and Raman systems
• Spectral views and results easily cut and paste into your report

Data manipulation is easy and powerful


ProFTIRTM Software based on EssentialFTIR™ from Operant LLC provides a complete set of data analysis and processing tools for spectral data from all FT-IR manufacturers. Spectral data does not need to be converted and can be opened and processed directly saving you time and improving analysis by providing review and processing of data from all your spectrometers. Opening and reviewing spectral data is easy and intuitive with ProFTIR Software with its active and preview windows fully configurable by the user. A comprehensive set of data view icons makes spectral comparisons powerful and easy.



Identification of unknown spectra is easily made using a comprehensive set of search algorithms and wide selection of commercial and user generated spectral data bases.

Processing data is easy and powerful with ProFTIR Software. All processing operations are immediately updated in the spectral view window as operation points are graphically selected or specifically entered by the user. As manipulations are selected the help ribbon automatically updates with instruction for the tool and options related to the operation. Powerful and efficient batch processing of spectral data provides exceptional time saving and precision for spectral computations. ProFTIR Software is easy to use and provides a full set of spectral processing options.

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