NaCl Disks

  • NaCl 13x2mm Disk955-3016
  • NaCl 19x2mm Disk955-3216
  • NaCl 20x2mm Disk955-3316
  • NaCl 25x2mm Disk955-3516
  • NaCl 25x4mm Disk955-3616
  • NaCl 25x5mm Disk955-3618
  • NaCl 32x3mm Disk955-3716
  • NaCl 32x3mm Drilled Disk955-3717
  • NaCl 38x6mm Disk955-3816
  • NaCl 41x3mm Disk955-3916
  • NaCl 49x6mm Disk955-4016
  • NaCl 50x3mm Disk955-4116
  • Six pack NaCl 13x2mm955-6013
  • Six pack NaCl 25x4mm955-6025
  • Six pack NaCl 32x3mm955-6032
  • Six pack NaCl 32x3mm Drilled955-6033

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Sodium chloride (NaCl) discs are a low cost alternative to KBr for infrared sampling. Its refractive index is very similar to KBr thereby providing a good match for organic samples. However, its long wavelength cutoff is higher than KBr so depending upon window thickness it may limit spectral range. Like KBr, NaCl is very soluble in water and fogs in humid environments.

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