KBr Infrared Beamsplitters

  • KBr 50x6mm Photon-Pro Beamsplitter 2-28 micron945-0506H
  • KBr 25x2mm Photon-Pro Beamsplitter 2-28 micron945-3516H
  • KBr 32x3mm Photon-Pro Beamsplitter 1-25 micron945-3716H
  • KBr 57.15x6mm Photon-Pro Beamsplitter 2-28 micron945-5716H
  • KBr 57.15x8mm Photon-Pro Beamsplitter 1-25 micron945-5718H
  • KBr 69.85x8mm Photon-Pro Beamsplitter 1-25 micron945-6908H
  • KBr 72x10mm Photon-Pro Beamsplitter 2-28 micron945-7210H

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Potassium bromide (KBr) is the most widely used material for infrared beamsplitters with coverage of the normal 4000 – 400 cm-1 mid-IR spectral region. Spectral Systems Photon Pro™ coating for our KBr beamsplitters extends the usefulness of the KBR into the Near-IR with full coverage of the region 8000-380 cm-1 at better than 85% efficiency. Thus a single beamsplitter can be used for many applications requiring FT-IR, FT-NIR or FT-Raman.

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