KBr Disks, XP-Polymer Coated Windows

  • KBr 6x1.5mm XP-Polymer Protected945-2750P
  • KBr 13x1mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3015P
  • KBr 13x2mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3016P
  • KBr 18x1.5mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3215P
  • KBr 19x2mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3216P
  • KBr 20x2mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3316P
  • KBr 22x4mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3416P
  • KBr 25x2mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3516P
  • KBr 25x4mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3616P
  • KBr 25x5mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3618P
  • KBr 30x4mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3700P
  • KBr 32x3mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3716P
  • KBr 32x3mm Drilled XP-Polymer Protected945-3717P
  • KBr 38x3mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3815P
  • KBr 38x6mm XP-Polymer Protected945-3816P
  • KBr 49x6mm XP-Polymer Protected945-4016P
  • KBr 50x3mm XP-Polymer Protected945-4116P
  • KBr 44x3mm XP-Polymer Protected945-4403P

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Potassium bromide (KBr), XP-Polymer coated discs provide an excellent protection for fogging. This coating is recommended for use in prolonged high humidity environments or where proper storage facilities are not available. The XP-Polymer coating has IR spectral features which must be ratioed or subtracted from sample measurements.

Product Information [pdf]