KBr Disks, Wedged Window

  • KBr 7x0.9mm Wedged Disk945-0705W
  • KBr 19x2mm Wedged Disk945-3216W
  • KBr 25x4mm Wedged Disk945-3616W
  • KBr 32x3mm Wedged Disk945-3716W
  • KBr 32x3mm Drilled Wedged Disk945-3717W
  • KBr 34x3mm Wedged Disk945-3773W
  • KBr 41x3mm Wedged Disk945-3916W
  • KBr 45x3mm Wedged Disk945-3951W
  • KBr 56.74x6.35mm Wedged Disk945-5674W

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Potassium bromide (KBr), wedged disks are recommended for applications where spectral fringing effects must be minimized. This issue generally occurs at high spectral resolution or when there is a significant mismatch of the refractive indices of sample and IR windows.

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