Ge Disks

  • Ge 13x2mm Disk940-3016
  • Ge 19x2mm Disk940-3216
  • Ge 20x2mm Disk940-3316
  • Ge 25x2mm Disk940-3516
  • Ge 25x4mm Disk940-3616
  • Ge 32x3mm Disk940-3716
  • Ge 32x3mm Drilled Disk940-3717
  • Ge 38x3mm Disk940-3815
  • Ge 41x3mm Disk940-3916
  • Ge 50x3mm Disk940-4116


Germanium (Ge) is a high refractive index material (4.0 @ 10 microns) with good long wavelength transmission in the infrared spectral region. At elevated temperatures the free carrier absorption becomes important and at 200 °C it is almost opaque. The high refractive index of Ge limits transmission in applications where an anti-reflective coating cannot be used.

Product Information [pdf]