Ge Disks, XP-NBAR Coated Windows

  • Ge 13x2mm XP-NBAR940-3016D
  • Ge 19x2mm XP-NBAR940-3216D
  • Ge 20x2mm XP-NBAR940-3316D
  • Ge 25x1mm XP-NBAR940-3515D
  • Ge 25x2mm XP-NBAR940-3516D
  • Ge 25x4mm XP-NBAR940-3616D
  • Ge 32x3mm XP-NBAR940-3716D
  • Ge 32x3mm Drilled XP-NBAR940-3717D
  • Ge 38x3mm XP-NBAR940-3815D
  • Ge 41x3mm XP-NBAR940-3916D
  • Ge 50x3mm XP-NBAR940-4116D


Application of Spectral Systems XP-NBARâ„¢ (narrow-band anti-reflective) coating onto Ge windows considerably increases infrared throughput within a more limited spectral region. This coated window is optimized for the spectral region covering 8-12 microns.

Product Information [pdf]