CaF2 Infrared Beamsplitters

  • CaF2 50x6mm Photon-Pro Beamsplitter 0.6-8.0 micron920-0506H
  • CaF2 25x2mm Photon-Pro Beamsplitter 0.6-8.0 micron920-3516H
  • CaF2 32x3mm Photon-Pro Beamsplitter 0.8-9.0 micron920-3716H
  • CaF2 57.15x6mm Photon-Pro Beamsplitter 0.8-9.0 micron920-5716H

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Calcium fluoride (CaF2) is the preferred material choice for Near-IR beamsplitters. Our CaF2 is of highest purity, quality and consistency and has zero O-H absorption found in all SiO2 materials. Hydroxyl band beamsplitter substrate absorption can often limit the quantitative accuracy of measurements done in the Near-IR. The bandwidth of our Photon Pro coating for CaF2 beamsplitter is optimized to cover all Near-IR and most Raman regions, both Stokes and anti-Stokes.

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