CaF2 Disks

  • CaF2 13x2mm Disk920-3016
  • CaF2 19x2mm Disk920-3216
  • CaF2 20x2mm Disk920-3316
  • CaF2 22x4mm Disk920-3416
  • CaF2 25x2mm Disk920-3516
  • CaF2 25x4mm Disk920-3616
  • CaF2 25x5mm Disk920-3618
  • CaF2 32x3mm Disk920-3716
  • CaF2 32x3mm Drilled Disk920-3717
  • CaF2 38x3mm Disk920-3815
  • CaF2 38x6mm Disk920-3816
  • CaF2 41x3mm Disk920-3916
  • CaF2 49x6mm Disk920-4016
  • CaF2 50x3mm Disk920-4116
  • CaF2 44x3mm Disk920-4403
  • Four pack CaF2 13x2mm920-6013
  • Four pack CaF2 25x2mm920-6025
  • Four pack CaF2 32x3mm920-6032
  • Four pack CaF2 32x3mm Drilled920-6033

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Calcium fluoride (CaF2) is an excellent material choice for many NIR applications. It has near zero solubility in water, no hydroxyl absorption and is relatively low cost. CaF2 is limited in the mid-IR spectral range to about 900 cm-1 depending upon thickness of the windows.

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