BaF2 Disks

  • BaF2 13x2mm Disk915-3016
  • BaF2 15x2mm Disk915-3116
  • BaF2 19x2mm Disk915-3216
  • BaF2 20x2mm Disk915-3316
  • BaF2 25x2mm Disk915-3516
  • BaF2 25x4mm Disk915-3616
  • BaF2 32x3mm Disk915-3716
  • BaF2 32x3mm Drilled Disk915-3717
  • BaF2 38x3mm Disk915-3815
  • BaF2 38x6mm Disk915-3816
  • BaF2 41x3mm Disk915-3916
  • BaF2 49x6mm Disk915-4016
  • BaF2 50x3mm Disk915-4116
  • Four pack BaF2 13x2mm915-6013
  • Four pack BaF2 25x2mm915-6025
  • Four pack BaF2 32x3mm915-6032
  • Four pack BaF2 32x3mm Drilled915-6033

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Barium fluoride (BaF2) has very low water solubility and is a strong material that can be used in many high pressure applications. It has good refractive index match to water, in liquid cell sampling of aqueous solutions it shows minimal interference fringing. Therefore it has become the preferred window material for infrared biological samples.

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