Super-Sealed Liquid Cells

Spectral Systems Super-Sealed Liquid Cells are designed to provide you with maximum precision and highest durability for quantitative analysis of liquid samples in the infrared spectral domain. We offer these cells with a complete selection of IR window materials and sampling pathlength.

  • Glass Syringes, Metal Luer Lock

    We offer optional Glass Syringes available in 1 ml, 5 ml or 10 ml sizes. These syringes have Luer Lock fittings and are compatible with our Super-Sealed, Free-Standing and Demountable Liquid Cells.

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  • Teflon Stoppers 1dz

    Our Teflon stoppers (12 each) are sold as replacement parts for our liquid cells.

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  • Super-Sealed Liquid Cells Calibration

    Spectral Systems offer factory calibration of all of our Super-Sealed Liquid Cells.  This optional service may be a convenient option for you especially in regulated laboratory environments.  Our calibration also provides you with documentation of cell integrity over time.

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